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3 Ways to Show Love to Others

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! My family has been fighting off all kinds of winter bugs so I’m a little behind on my writing. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to talk about relationships and what we need to do to maintain happy, healthy relationships. While some feel today is a Hallmark holiday, others use it… Continue reading 3 Ways to Show Love to Others

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Top 10 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Part of being committed to better health and wellness this year includes better self-care and more self-love. To be honest, this is not something I’m great at but it’s something I’m constantly working on improving. If you’re anything like me, you tirelessly (or better yet, tiredly) care for everyone and everything around you before you… Continue reading Top 10 Ways to Practice Self-Care

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My 2019 SMART Goals

I love goal setting. This time of year always makes me ready for a fresh look at my life and my priorities. Last week, we discussed how to set goals you’ll actually achieve. This week, I’d like to share some of my goals with you. First, I know a lot of people that like to… Continue reading My 2019 SMART Goals


Winning Days in Every Season

Housekeeping is my nemesis. When it comes to keeping a perfectly clean and tidy house, I struggle. Now, I’m under no illusion that your house has to be perfectly clean and tidy all the time. We all go through seasons of life when the mail piles up and the floors don’t get vacuumed as often… Continue reading Winning Days in Every Season


Courageous Confidence

As this week leads in to Mother’s Day, I can’t help but sit in awe of God’s creations. The miraculous way a female’s body can grow and nurture an entire tiny being. The strength He gives us to not only carry this being for 10 months but to also physically bring this life in to… Continue reading Courageous Confidence


Motherhood – My True Calling

Good morning, friends. I can’t believe that I’ve been a mother for a whole year now. The one thing I’ve always known is that I wanted to be a mother “when I grow up.” It took 30 years but when I became a mother, I found my true calling in life. My sweet angel baby,… Continue reading Motherhood – My True Calling

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How to Create Winning Days

Friend, how often do you find yourself wondering where the day went at 7:30 at night with a multitude of tasks pulling you in umpteen directions? I feel you. Often times, I will find myself scrolling on social media only to realize I’ve wasted valuable time and mental energy reading everyone else’s highlight reels. This… Continue reading How to Create Winning Days

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