Praying through Life

Be Mindful of God’s Truths

Happy September, friends! I’ve been away a while. My tendency to overdo everything else sometimes gets in my way of self-care. And to be completely honest, this writing thing is most definitely self-care for this overly analytical, over-zealous girl. Ryan and I joke that I go to “OZ” way too often.  What have you been… Continue reading Be Mindful of God’s Truths


Mind Over Matter

My Words are (Sometimes) Wise

I’m way late on this week’s “Mind Over Matter Mantra” post. The hubs told me to sleep on my original post for a few more days before I decide to post it. That means I may offend someone so it is probably best to edit it before I post it. So, in the meantime, I… Continue reading My Words are (Sometimes) Wise

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Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter Mantra

Each week on Wednesday, I will post a Mind Over Matter Mantra to get us over the work week hump or just give us that extra pep in our step we need to make it through the rest of Wednesday.

Fight or Flight

Depression: Defined

Have you ever felt the pain of rejection when someone you love doesn’t understand your struggles? I’ve had many people tell me to “buck up,” “look on the bright side,” “put your big girl panties on,” or “is your depression gone yet?” There are many things in life that are here today and gone tomorrow.… Continue reading Depression: Defined

Letters to Mama

Today you would have been 53

To my mama, Today you would have been 53. It’s been almost ten months since we lost you and I miss you terribly. I hope you’re having a great first birthday in Heaven. I know you are healthy and happy in your eternal home. I want you to know that you are missed and loved… Continue reading Today you would have been 53

Get to Know the Mrs


Good morning, new friends! My name is Julie Massie. My friends call me Jules. Some of my “favorites” (aka my family members) call me Juju. I am a positive, nurturing, jovial, strongly independent woman. I am the middle child of three sisters (my life-long best friends). I have lived all over the United States but… Continue reading Welcome