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Engulfed by My Troubles

Do you ever feel like you just can’t catch a break? Wave after wave after wave crashes down on you causing you to stay engulfed in your troubles.

This is how I feel when my money ends before the month. This is how I feel when I think my health is getting better only to discover a new problem. This is how I feel when my toddler goes through a sleep regression.

If it weren’t for this, then I wouldn’t have to deal with that. 

Do you find yourself using those if, then statements like I do?

If only my daughter had slept better last night, then I would have gotten up to work out this morning.

If only I had gotten up to work out this morning, then my health would be better.

If only this new health problem had not emerged, then I wouldn’t be in a bind financially.

If only I had not gotten a flat tire last week, then I would have the money for my medical bills.

If only I had an emergency fund, then I would not be behind on my bills this month.

If. If. If.

We can’t live in the if’s of life.

When we live in the if’s of life, we become engulfed in our troubles.

When we become engulfed in our troubles, we take our eyes off of the good in our lives. When we constantly focus on the rip currents of life, we drown in our sorrows.

Instead, let’s focus on the lifeguard of our lives – our one true savior through the different currents of life. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, wants us to focus on Him and what He can do for us through every current of life.

Take heart, sweet friend, for He has overcome the world. He will supply our every need. All we have to do is call upon His name and He will deliver us from trouble.

The verses below outline these promises for us. Read them. Memorize them. Believe them. Share them. You’ll fill your heart with His joy with each verse.

Before you go, how can I be praying for you? 


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