Winning Days in Every Season

Housekeeping is my nemesis. When it comes to keeping a perfectly clean and tidy house, I struggle.

Now, I’m under no illusion that your house has to be perfectly clean and tidy all the time. We all go through seasons of life when the mail piles up and the floors don’t get vacuumed as often as they need. I just feel like I’ve been in that season for ages. Can you relate?

Several years ago as a newlywed, I had a plan in place that broke down my housekeeping tasks into manageable daily action steps. After my mom passed away, it’s like that plan died too.

I’ve been researching cleaning plans over the last few weeks to help get myself back on track. There are a few commonalities amongst the plans that I’m going to share with you, as well as some takeaways of my own.

1. Create habits that make your daily chores happen almost without thinking about them.

When you do things consistently, you begin to form these creases in your brain that cause habits to be formed. These creases allow tasks to be completed without much thought or brainpower. For example, if you make your bed as soon as you get out of it every day, eventually you will start doing it without even thinking about it.

2. Do something every day.

During my research, I’ve noticed that housekeeping plans more often than not have you doing something, big or small, every day. When I had a plan in place, it looked like this:

  • Sunday: Wash/change sheets and towels
  • Monday: Scoop cat litter and water plants
  • Tuesday: Dust, vacuum, and mop upstairs (includes bathrooms)
  • Wednesday: Scoop cat litter and water plants
  • Thursday: Dust, vacuum, and mop downstairs (includes half bath)
  • Friday: Scoop cat litter, water plants, and take trash to curb
  • Saturday: Yard work and meal prep

Every day included:

  • Cleaning countertops in bathrooms and kitchen after using
  • Wash dishes after using
  • Sweep as needed
  • Make bed
  • Removing clutter

In addition to these chores, I also had an alternating deep cleaning list that I attended to once weekly.

In my efforts to get back on some sort of a schedule, I stumbled upon the Clean Mama “Weekly Cleaning Tasks.” I like her approach for doing something every day but also including a day for catching up because let’s face it, we all get behind every now and then. Go check out her website for more details: https://www.cleanmama.net/start-here

3. Give yourself grace.

No matter what you get done, give yourself grace. Remember that we all go through seasons where we get more accomplished than others. If you’re in a season like me right now, you may have sticky floors but I’m willing to bet your heart is full from those precious memories you’re making with your littles.

“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1 NLT

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for blessing me with your grace today. Thank you for the memories that I’m making with my precious toddler. Thank you for giving me this season to learn and grow and share your love with others. I am truly blessed to have a roof over my head, clothes to wear, and a family to love. Your guidance is always appreciated during my daily decisions. I pray that my words bless someone today in your honor. In your name I pray, Amen.


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