Praying through Life

Be Mindful of God’s Truths

Happy September, friends!

I’ve been away a while. My tendency to overdo everything else sometimes gets in my way of self-care. And to be completely honest, this writing thing is most definitely self-care for this overly analytical, over-zealous girl. Ryan and I joke that I go to “OZ” way too often. 

What have you been up to lately? What have you been struggling with lately? Any exciting successes in your life?

We had a busy month at work in August. It was super fun for this girl that likes to be busy on occasion. I also found myself a little sensitive during the busyness though. I found myself taking the words of others that may or may not have been directed at me extremely personal. Their words went straight to my heart validating my awkwardness, unworthiness, and feelings of being unwanted. 

You know what really gets me simmering though. I know that I know that I know, I am fully capable of doing and being so much more than I am currently doing and being. I know that and sometimes it makes me agitated that other people feel I don’t know enough or are threatened or annoyed by my assertive confidence in myself.

Now friends, let me just stop here and say this is a personal issue. This is not an issue anyone else around me is struggling with. My interpretation of their words, actions, or body language is just that… MY interpretation. 

These people are not intentionally trying to make me feel invalidated. They are likely trying to help me grow even more or just maybe THEY AREN’T THINKING ABOUT ME AT ALL. 

I’m making up stories in my head that are unfounded and irrational. This week, I am going to be mindful of God’s truths about who I am and not about who I think I am in other people’s minds. 

Friends, what lie are you believing right now?


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