Get to Know the Mrs


Good morning, new friends!

My name is Julie Massie. My friends call me Jules. Some of my “favorites” (aka my family members) call me Juju. I am a positive, nurturing, jovial, strongly independent woman. I am the middle child of three sisters (my life-long best friends). I have lived all over the United States but settled in Knoxville, Tennessee where my husband and I own a beautiful house and have two lovable, elderly cats. I love to read, write, run, and cook. I prioritize my time focusing on my relationship with God, my family, and the development of my God-given passions.

Ryan and Julie car
My handsome stud-muffin and I at the Southern Railway Station in Knoxville

The love of my life, Ryan, is my protector, my advisor, my tell-it-like-it-is best friend, my personal comedian, my partner in crime, my travel buddy, and my snuggle buddy. Together we have adventured through almost ten years of life. We met in January of 2007 and were married on August 22, 2015. We complement each other perfectly and love living life together.

dad and girls
Heather, Dad, Me, and Kristin at Thanksgiving last year

My sisters, father, and I lost my mom in October 2015 to a massive stroke. She was 52 years old. My mother’s short life taught all of us that it is critically important to focus on self-care and our relationships with the people in our lives who matter most. My goal for 2016 is to bravely take control of my life by striving in faith to live the life God has planned for me by focusing on my health, my relationships with my “favorites”, and my passion for helping other people to create positive changes in their lives. By staying focused on these priorities, I am able to balance my responsibilities and make decisions accordingly. I aspire daily to live my life pursuing my purpose.

julie and sylvia
One of my “favorites,” little Sylvia!

This year, I am completing my first book, Praying through Life: Trusting God for Provision and Protection while Pursuing your Passions. God placed this book on my heart and is guiding me to be a spiritual leader in our community and nation. Through the book writing process, we will discuss God’s guidance through our family relationships, financial situations, life management, and striving for our God-given passions. If you have a topic you’d like to discuss that might be a good fit for our blog discussions or my upcoming book, please feel free to email me.

It has been a pleasure sharing a little bit more about myself with you, sweet friend! I hope we grow to know each other more through this journey together. May God bless you and keep you on your adventures through life.

Much love & many hugs,



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